Signing up for games

Intercon lets you sign up for games before the convention. Since games have limited space, our goal with this process is to allow as many people as possible to play in the games they prefer.

Game signup is separate from convention registration. By registering and paying for Intercon, you are entitled to sign up for as many games as you like, provided they are not running concurrently.

Individual game signups usually begin in November, but will be announced in the email newsletter which is sent to everyone who has registered. You must be paid up in order to sign up for a game.

There are usually three or four rounds of signups, although the individual number may vary from year to year. Signups usually open at 7pm Eastern; each round is six days later than the last.

Tips for signup

Pay In Advance

Have you paid for Intercon? If not, you won't be able to sign up for games, so please make sure to sign in and pay for the con before signups open! (Or if you're a GM, make sure you've set yourself up to be comped for your game. You can email if you're not sure how.)

Book Your Room

While I'm writing about making sure you're registered for things, don't forget a place to stay while you're at Intercon P! While the DoubleTree does require a credit card to hold your reservation, it won't charge you until you actually check in (and you can use a different card at that time if you like). To register for our hotel block, see our hotel page.

Make a Plan

Signups tend to go pretty fast once we open the floodgates! It pays to plan ahead, not only for which game you'd like to sign up for, but for one or two backup options in case your first choice fills too fast.

Don't Use Tabs or the Back Button

Our web site keeps track of page loads within a particular session, and expects them to come in sequence. Having the Intercon site open in multiple tabs, or using the Back button, can confuse it. The last thing you want to see when you hit the link to sign up is "Sequence Error!"

(And, yes, web developers - we know and we hear you. We're currently working on a rewrite of the site that will let you multi-tab or Back to your heart's content.)

Select a Character Gender

Game registration at Intercon takes character gender into account. By default, you'll be signed up to play characters of the gender you specified when you signed up for the con. However, if you're interested in playing a female character in some larps and a male character in others, we have an officially-supported way to do that.

Simply log into the site, click "My Profile" (in the upper navigation bar on the left side), and change your "Preferred Character Gender" setting! You can do this before signups open if you like, and you can change this setting as many times as you like. Your character gender for each larp is whatever the setting was at the time you signed up for the larp. We expect GMs to honor your signup gender when it comes to casting.

Stay Signed In

Years ago, you had to sign out of the web site and sign back in once signups opened. Those days are long gone! You can just stay signed in on any page of the site you like.

Camp the Spawn Point

The best place to be on the Intercon site when signups open is on the page of your first choice game. Reload the page frequently. (It's ok, our mighty web server can handle it. We sincerely hope.) Once signups open, the start and end times of the game (in the "Run Times" box) will turn into a blue link. Click the link to sign up!


If you have any trouble signing up, please email We'll be on the lookout for emails during the signup rush and will try to get things fixed up as quickly as possible.