Who's Who

Larisa Allen

Larisa has been playing in boffer LARPs since 2009 and still considers herself a newbie. Running a game this Intercon makes perfect sense, right?

Ian Ally-Seals

No bio provided

Beth Baniszewski

Beth has faithfully attended every New England Intercon since Intercon B. There she also played her first Mike Young game, Marin County. She'd like to thank Mike for having lots of LARPs like The Road Not Taken available online for anyone to run them.

Beth has written a number of games for both Intercon and the MIT Assassins' Guild, including Two Hours in London, Candyland: Crisis at Castle Candy, MegaMan: Apocalypse, Muppet Purgatory, and Power Ballad: Total Eclipse of the Eternal Flame.

Most of her larp-related brain-space these days is dedicated to serving as the Game Director for the Witchwood boffer campaign, which runs in Ashby, MA.

Kendra Beckler

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Liliya Benderskaya

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John Benfield

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Chad "Laurion" Bergeron

Hah. I filled out my bio after the site freeze.

Cameron "Cam Betts" Betts

NEIL Board Member
Hello! I've been LARPing for a little over 20 years, and writing LARPs for almost as long. I love most styles of LARP I have encountered - My primary styles are Interactive Fiction/Theater style, but I also do Live Combat, Adventure, and Freeform. My favorite kind of games are modern day 360 immersion games that skirt on ARG territory.

I have attended and run LARPs on four continents, am a long time Intercon (about 20 years) and GenCon (about 10 years) attendee, and I ran the New England LARP Conference last year - an annual panels/discussions/workshops weekend that is going into its fourth year. I also have experience teaching LARP at the undergrad level through Tufts University and Macalester College.

My LARPresume: username Cam

Dylan Blanset

I started LARPing in 2010, largely through the RPI community. In the last year or so, I've started branching out and going to other events. This year will be my first Intercon, so I'm pretty excited.

While I definitely love and appreciate the typical style of games written and run by RPI community members, I think my favorite types of games are the ones filled with emotional struggle. So I write the type of games I want to play (which backfires, since it means I can never play my ideal games).

The first game I authored was When You Stop Running. It's a dark, stressful game about internal struggle.

My second project, Together Again, I cowrote with John Schwartz. It's a serious, emotional game about relationships.

My most recent game was Some Assembly Required. As a refreshing change of pace, it's completely light and silly, where everyone is Lego.

Marc Blumberg

No bio provided

Emily Care Boss

Emily lives in western Massachusetts and designs tabletop and live action rpgs under the name Black & Green Games.

Erin Boucher

No bio provided

Laura Boylan

No bio provided

Alex "Nickname" Bradley

Something and something and really bad eggs. Drink up me hearties, yo-ho.

Anna Bradley

No bio provided

Jennifer Bragulla

Jen likes: game design, world building, crazy costumes, tea, cats, biology
Jen dislikes: arguing out of character
Jen is: hoping lots of awesome people (like you!) will sign up for Terebellum Station

I've written and/or run a handful of LARPS and LARP-like games, and several more tabletop RPGs, but never at a convention (and not at my favorite convention, Intercon!) so I'm excited to be GMing this year.

Paul Bragulla

No bio provided

Alexander Brune

No bio provided

Nat Budin

Con Chair and Assistant Webmaster
Nat has been attending Intercon since Intercon C in 2003, and previously served as con chair of Intercon I. He also founded Brandeis's Festival of the LARPs and co-founded Alleged Entertainment, with which he has written and run over a dozen games. Despite the seriousness of this bio, Nat is actually quite silly and loves you very much.

David Camacho

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Peter Casey

No bio provided

Andrew Clough

No bio provided

Alex Creighton

No bio provided

Sean Croteau

No bio provided

Sean Curran

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Vito "Simple Wordsmith" D'Agosta

Hey, look, it's a (partially complete) LARP resume - http://larpresume.boldlygoingnowhere.org/people/Wordsmith/ That seems easier than putting words here.

Quinn D

Quinn has been playing LARPs since 2004, written several games, and has volunteered time to help run the convention for several years. In the current position as GM coordinator, Quinn seeks to help support the vital work done by the numerous GMs who have offered to run games for everyone to play. As a member of convention staff, Quinn also seeks to help make Intercon the best friendly, welcoming, inclusive, fun and safe place it can be.

Kat Davis

No bio provided

Stephanie "Teph" Davis

Volunteer & Staff Coordinator, Secretary of NEIL Board
Teph has been the volunteer coordinator for 3 years and every year she sees interesting people doing amazing things for our convention. This year is no different and it is exciting.

Teph is a human person who owns a personal organization business and has an interest in Human Resources when given the option.

For fun she's been larping for 8 years starting in Minds Eye Theater (OBWN) and moving to theater larping at intercon L. Recently she has been interested in Boffer larp and plays in one regularly. This year the Teph is starting a focus on self-care and is learning more about the Teph. Other hobbies of the Teph include Art (looking at mostly), entertaining guests in her home, making jewelry and odd larp bits, video gaming with friends, board games, and researching random topics on the internet.

The Teph loves intercon and it's people and hopes all of our volunteers know how much they are loved and appreciated.

Alan De Smet

No bio provided

Kathleen De Smet

No bio provided

Stephen Dewey

No bio provided

Zeb Dezern

(The cat alone shall eventually decide when to rise from the chosen lap, and for what purpose.)

Zeb is a member of Truth Sans Justice, and took plenty of flaws at char-gen.

Jeff "The Vortex of Chaos" Diewald

Bid Committee, NEIL Board Member, Vortex of Chaos, Bringer of Port
2016 marks Jeff's thirtieth year writing, running, and playing LARPs. He'd been writing, running and playing "Intercon-style" LARPs for ten years before going to his first Intercon - Intercon XI in 1996.

Jeff organized the bid for the first Boston Intercon, convincing the then Interactive Literature Foundation that there was a strong collection of volunteers capable of creating a new set of conventions worthy of the Intercon name. Thus, Jeff became the con-chair for Intercon the Thirteenth. No one on the team had run a convention before, but they must have done something right, because look where we're at today. Jeff has been part of the staff for every Boston Intercon, working at times as the head of Outreach and Advertising, head of the Bid Committee, Treasurer, Vice-Chair for Intercon XV, and many other important roles. For the last several years, Jeff has been a member of the Bid Committee, asking a lot of friends to run their games at the con, trying to get them to write better blurbs in the process. He may have had something to do with the fact that we now use letters for the con. Jeff has also been part of the Bid Committee for Consequences, our British friends' annual LARP convention. Jeff has run several Build Your Own Game seminars at and outside of Intercon, including the first three at NELCO. Jeff can frequently be found on LARP panels and assisting in seminars. Jeff created and manages the NEIL portion of the interactiveliterature.org website. Jeff is a long-standing member of the NEIL board.

Jeff, and TNT Productions since 2001, have written and run many LARPs you've probably heard about or played at Intercons (Boston, New Jersey, and Baltimore), the Festival of LARPs, SLAW, Dia de los Sobres, Consequences (in the UK), and in standalone runs. These include Collision Imminent!, Dustpan: the LARP, Across the Sea of Stars, and The Tales of Irnh. The complete list ofLARPs where Jeff has been part of the creative team can be foundon his website. Recently, Jeff has also been AGMing or running games written by others, notably several runs of Brian Williams' Hello, You Must Be.... At Intercon O, there was a game Jeff had been part of creating or was GMing in every slot of the convention from Friday night through Sunday morning.

Jeff looks to play in new and interesting LARPs whenever possible, to find those quiet, intense, intimate moments, to lead on occasion, to struggle with a character's internal dilemma, to give the other players juicy opportunities to enhance their games, and to look for ideas and mechanics he can steal and repurpose for his own LARP efforts. He has tried nearly every kind and style of LARP he's run across. He has been known to travel great distances to play in interesting LARPs. In one recent four week span, he went to Chicago to play in the latest Whately game, ran The Tales of Irnh the next day, flew to Poland two weeks later to teach alchemy at the College of Wizardry weekend long LARP in Czocha Castle, then traveled to Dorset in the UK to play in five different LARPs at Consequences as well as running Hello, You Must Be... for the fourth time.

The bottom line: Jeff loves to LARP wherever and whenever he can. Please invite him to LARPs you're running, and be on the lookout for LARPs he'll run at the drop of a hat.

Dante DiGiacomo

No bio provided

Paul Dwyer

No bio provided

Jen "Lady J" Eastman-Lawrence

Vendor Liaison
Aye Matey, we should sing a shanty or two while we drink a bottle of rum!

Julia Ellingboe

No bio provided

Caitlin Feeley

Caitlin Feeley is a twenty-year veteran of the New England boffer larp community, particularly in the Accelerant system. When she's not making LARPs about obscure historical topics and crushing your feelings, she researches and designs educational games and related technologies at MIT.

Will Fergus

No bio provided

Craig Fox

Back in 2009, I was an impressionable freshman wandering around the RPI activities fair. A certain Carol Young walked over and encouraged me to sign up for a LARP called "The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste." I've been hooked ever since.

Six years later, I've played in over 70 LARPs and run over a dozen. My favorite LARPs are either silly horde games or ones with plenty of emotional roleplaying. While this will only be my third Intercon, I love the wide variety of games and all of the wonderful people that the con attracts. I plan to come to many more Intercons in the future!

Kate Freedman

No bio provided

Stephanie Fuller

No bio provided

Viktoriya Fuzaylova

No bio provided

Anna Galitzine

A boffer larp player for the last two years, Anna has used her past 10 years of recreational acting to NPC and PC for multiple chapters, including a brief run as plot staff. She hopes to learn more about theatre larp in her time at Intercon and welcomes all conversations about what got you, the reader, to start larping.

Anna has been a gamer since high school, learning the rules of D&D and classic trading card games before her first semester of college. She has since played in multiple styles of tabletop games and has drafted modules for beginner players.

NERO was Anna's first larp and still serves as her inspiration for a budding hobby of costume design and as her motivation to get through school. She plans to craft a degree in a branch of psychotherapy mixed with larp, incorporating play as a way to heal.

Anandi "Anandi" Gandolfi

Anandi started gaming at the tender age of 6 in her father's college D&D game. It was 13 years later when she discovered the wonders of larping, primarily as an outlet for her love of costuming, and another 12 years before she discovered the highly satisfying activity of writing games.She makes her living now by making costumes and clothing for others, and gets her joy from making other people happy, whether it is with a fun game or a pretty dress. with 9 one-shots (Asylum With Margaret Simpkins, Mahabharata, One life, Another life, Speed Dating (not the one your thinking of), Sith lords, (with Andy Kirschbaum) Where the Wild Things Will Be, Feast of the Minotaur, Cirque du Fey (with Mel MacDonald) and a multi-city chronicle (Between the Cracks). Creating worlds of wonder, passion, joy, and pain has become a passion that shows little sign of being satisfied.

Marsha Gershon

No bio provided

Jenn Giorno

No bio provided

Kevin Girard

Kevin is frequently late, so there's a chance you won't get to read this! If you are reading this, thank the Intercon staff for being so accommodating!

Kevin has been involved with larp games since 2007, and attending Intercon since 2012. You may have played one of his "Starship Hecate" games in the past; you may also play one in the future. He has been pursuing a career in immersive and interactive entertainment, and currently works at Escape Rhode Island, a live-action "escape the room" venue in Providence. Recently, he has had the honor of performing as a living statue of Benjamin Franklin at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.

Kevin also has an 11-year-old daughter, who he hopes will one day take up the family business.

Susan "nikin" Giusto

nikin - Intercon Muse
A 'nikin' is small furry and different.

This nikin helps keep others amused, provides energy, supplies magic and gives good massages. This nikin inspires great writings and weirdings of the LARP like variety. This particular nikin enjoys playing in LARPs as well as creating them. This one makes LARPs happen with the TNT gang. This particular nikin also provides creative counsel to the wonderous art for Intercon. This nikin needs a hug.

Lian Guertin

No bio provided

Sara Gussin

Every story needs a hero. Or at least, every story needs a character. Sara is absolutely that character! Follow her as she attempts not to spontaneously combust from adulthood, which turns out to be a fairly hazardous enterprise. She'll face wacky encounters with tax forms, hazardous brushes with messy apartments, and the occasional looming specter of dressing up in suits to look professional. Of course, she'll also meet up with friends and colleagues from the silly to the serious; but will they help her along the way or not? Join us every Tuesday at 8/7c for a rousing, riotous romp through everyday life. For that matter, join us any other time you want to! It's a laugh factory guaranteed to entertain the whole family!

This weekend, Sara attends Intercon for the third time. She'll be running a game she wrote with Jaelen this year. Stay tuned to see more!

Selina Harvey

No bio provided

Greer "Zach" Hauptman

(I'm just here because it's my fault everyone else is here.)

Zach, aka Greer, is a founding member of Truth Sans Justice, a librarian by inclination and trade, and completely unsure about everything else.

Kristen Hendricks

No bio provided

Derek Herrera

Why don'cha come in an' sit a spell. Have a cup o' tea while y'here. Now, lemme tell ya how things were in the ole' days of LARP, back before y'had fancy stuff like Knutepunk 'n Ars Amandi. Back in the day, we used t'roleplay by beatin' two rocks together until we got feels. We used t'hike ten miles, uphill both ways, t'finish a scene... just 'cause we could! My, those were the days. They don' make games like they used to...

Aw, heck, just play games, have fun and join me for a pint!

Jared Hite

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Elizabeth Hocking

No bio provided

Sharone Horowit-Hendler

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Diana Hsu

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Kara Hurvitz

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Elizabeth Isaacson

No bio provided

Katherine Jones

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Sarah Judd

No bio provided

Sarah Judd

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Adrienne Kammer

No bio provided

John Kammer

Among his many other activities Mr. Kammer has been writing and running LARP events at Intercon since Intercon C and additionally running his games at the Origins, GenCon and a few smaller game conventions. The old classics include:

Space permitting, this year he will again be offering in-costume photography at the convention for the third-year and again for the low-low cost of absolutely free (look for him somewhere in the convention space. If you find a backdrop and studio lights set up, that's probably the right spot.)

Dave Kapell

Hotel Liaison, NEIL advisor
Dave has been larping since 1999, in both theatre and boffer (Realms, and then Accelerant). He's written a handful of theatre-style games, and run a handful of boffer events, as well some that are on the border between the two worlds. These include Multiplied Loyalties (Intercon D), Sam and Max hit the Afterlife (Intercon H, K), and Blackout (Intercon J)

Dave joined Intercon's Bidcom for Intercon E, served as Ops Head for J, was Con Chair for K and O, and Hotel Liaison for L,M,N,and P. In addition, he created NELCO, NEIL's writing retreat for larp authors and participants, ran it the first two years, and has helped run it since. Dave has been on or advising the NEIL board since 2009 and has a particular interest in safe community building.

Dave dislikes writing about himself in the third person

Tegan Kehoe

Tegan Kehoe is a public historian and museum professional by day, a freelance writer by night, and a LARPer by the witching hour. Well, not really, because she's not at all a night owl, but you get the idea.

Philip "Philip Kelley" Kelley

April, 1995. Minicon. Completely bored, I reluctantly wandered into a hotel room where someone was running a “larp”, and was immediately handed a character sheet ('cause Bruce Glassco recognized me from prior Gencon games). The first few lines of “Tovar the Inimitable” got me hook, line, and sinker. Twenty years later and counting, larping continues to be my preferred hobby.

Andy Kirschbaum

Andy writes books, interactive fiction apps, and LARPs. He also sells games because none of those other things make any money.

Rebecca Kletnieks

No bio provided

David "Pickle" Kotsonis

David Kotsonis, known to many as Pickle, started LARPing in June 2013, coming to it through his ties with the HRSFANS community, and shows no sign of stopping. Though he's run or helped run quite a few games, including at previous Intercons, Infinite Magic Glories: Impact Mosaic is his first game from the author's side.

Kevin Kreiner

No bio provided

Sue L.

No bio provided

Renee Lasko

No bio provided

Tim "Teem" Lasko

NEIL Board, Ocelot
Tim has been LARPing for over twenty-five years and attending Intercon conventions since 1998. He has been involved in making them happen since 2002, including being ConChair for Intercon D and Intercon J. He has been happy to serve as Your Registrar for many of these years.

As part of TNT Productions, he has helped bring several LARPs to Intercon conventions, including Collision Imminent!, Dustpan: the LARP (which was created by an offhand comment he made), You'll Be Safe Here, A Night at Club Ivory, Across the Sea of Stars and several others.

Diane "Twinkles" Lawson

Writer, Gamer, Actress, Teacher.

Wrote and ran Small Town, Luvboats 1, 2, and 3D, Addams Family Reunion, Concatenation, Fist Full of Wu, For a Few Wu More and the original All Batman Game based on an idea she herself submitted in the game writing LARP Concatenation.

Tucker Le

Besides being a GM who rules with an iron fist and an expert teddy bear wrestler, Tucker believes that larping is about feeling the experience. Along with customizing roles to maximize unique enjoyment and realism, this GM is more than happy (scarily so) to provide the darkness in order for players to find their light.

Alon Levy

No bio provided

Albert Lin

No bio provided

Peter Litwack

No bio provided

Jayson Lynch

No bio provided

Mel MacDonald

No bio provided

Isabel Malonzo

(In my defense, Daikonia is classier then some of our other naming efforts.)

Izzy is a founding member of Truth Sans Justice, and suffers from a chronic inability to not attempt to fix that broken thing.

Josh Marcus

No bio provided

Ted Marr

No bio provided

Michael McAfee

No bio provided

Sean McCormack

No bio provided

Rhiannon McCullough

No bio provided

Charlie "grejam" McCutcheon

I blame my cat. So far, he's not denying it, although he does sleep a lot. I've role played for many years, and helped GM for a few more. Someday I might get good at this...

Jeremey Milano

No bio provided

Nick Milano

No bio provided

Sophie Monahan

No bio provided

Caroline Murphy

Caroline has been writing and designing live action games since 2001. She enjoys games of all types and likes experiment with where games intersect technology and education. You can read more of her thoughts on game design at carolineamurphy.com.

Drew Novick

No bio provided

Jeff Ogorzalek

No bio provided

Moira Parham

No bio provided

Jamey Patten

No bio provided

Kristen Patten

Kristen likes to write big games and play small ones. She's here for the roleplaying, and couldn't be more thrilled that Intercon seems to be chock full of fun and like minded people. Past Intercon Games: House of Becoming, Blackfyre Rising, Second Dawn, What Ripping Fun

Matt Peairs

No bio provided

Benjamin "Ben" Philip

Benjamin Philip is an itinerant neuroscientist returning from his sojourns in Missouri to run another game! His previous Intercon appearance was as GM of Second Dawn (2013). He writes science fiction and fantasy under his not-so-secret pen name at http://www.benjaminckinney.com

Xavid "Xavid" Pretzer

Xavid is unequal to the square root of three. When not writing LARPs, he can be found talking to trees, listening to the wind, and drinking root beer.

Jaelen Rachlin

Sack of Plums
Jaelen is a small green and purple dragon. They often manifest as a human. Do not be fooled. They hoard chocolate, and occasionally forget which direction they are facing and get confused and/or scared. If Jaelen is confused and/or scared, please scritch them on the head.

Jaelen has been to every New England Intercon since Intercon C, and has at various times been Con Chair, GM Liaison, Ops Chair, and Hotel Liaison. This year, they are running Ops with their amazing Co-Chair Diana, and GMing The Neverland Conclave with two excellent people.

Jaelen is agender, and uses they/them/their pronouns. The bits about hording chocolate and needing head scritches are completely serious; if you bring either of these to Ops, Jaelen will be quite pleased.

Trey Reilly

No bio provided

Seamus Reynolds

No bio provided

Brian Richburg

No bio provided

Kevin Riggle

No bio provided

Phoebe Roberts

Phoebe is a Boston-area theater artist who works in writing, acting, directing, modeling, and costume design. Her current major project is her series of new plays, "Mrs. Hawking," mystery capers set in Victorian London about the adventures of two women who secretly defend other ladies against the injustices of society. More informaton can be found at her website, Mrshawking.com.

Tory Root

No bio provided

Sparrow Rubin

citizen not appearing in this show

Caelyn Sandel

No bio provided

Melanie Saunders

Costume fairy treecat scribe.

EB "EB or Acoustic_Shadow" Savage

My name is EB. This intercon I am running Happily Ever After. I have long blond hair... and will be in my 3rd trimester during this Intercon. As a player I generally enjoy fan-based larps in my fandoms, historical period larps (of pretty much any time period), and high court intrigue.

Also, I like peas.

Alison Joy Schafer

No bio provided

Eva Schiffer

I consume oxygen and I'm generally not on fire.

Jason Schneiderman

No bio provided

Adina Schreiber

Dei Gratia Magnae Interconniae, Hiberniae et terrarum transmarinarum quae in ditione sunt Interconnica Regina, Imaginationis Defensor, Hunter of McGuffins, Collector of Widgets
Raffle coordinator, Bid Com member, president of NEIL, Game Wrap editor, NELCO staff. LARP blogger. Boffer and theater enthusiast, costuming enthusiast, Accelerant fangirl.

LARP magis LARP optimum.

Santo Sengupta

No bio provided

Joshua Sheena

No bio provided

David Simkins

No bio provided

Margaret Simkins

No bio provided

Brad Smith

No bio provided

Julia Suggs

No bio provided

Kim "redfishie" Sward

Bid Committee Chair
Kim Sward first came to Intercon for Intercon G due to friends in the SCA who she fenced and has been coming back to the con ever since. She has been part of Intercon's staff for the last few years (since Intercon K).

Kim has been involved in several campaign boffer larps in the greater MA area since roughly 2002. She was on staff for Endgame and npc'd a number of other Accelerant based boffer games.

She was part of the winning gm team for Iron GM at Intercon O, with their submission of Compost Tales: The Lost Religions, for that year's competition. The key genre/items/props that year were: satire, vegetables, lost and found, and a key prop.

You can find Kim around the con either running around looking for where she put some sort of costuming or sitting down and having a nice cup of tea.

Anita "Minx Girl" Szostak

Art Director, Con Committee
"Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me. We pillage, we plunder, we rifle, and loot, Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho." - Pirates of the Caribbean, Yo Ho

I raise a glass to my partners in crime, Barry & Susan, for another year of great Intercon artwork. Just remember dead men tell no tales.

Thorin Tabor

No bio provided

Rory Talk

No bio provided

Gaylord Tang

Departing the State of Nature

And once upon a time, the government / was a figment of one person's conscience: / too pure will set in facile'ted judgment / to make, to assert the "correct" violence / to make abhorrents norms, and make alien / what once came innately. Deprogramming / to program the epicopalian / recursive, retroactively acting / towards conformation of belief(s): compile / protocol(s) versus unsuspected mode(s) / and whether this was meant to be worthwhile / the system(s) became lost in cryptic code(s) / Empowerment as oriented state(s): / System error(s) - slaking processed dictate(s).

I've been at Intercon since J, but have been LARPing for about as long, longer than that (albeit with less frequency when before J) elsewhere. I've helped with the NELCO BYOGs for the past four years, and facilitated the one in 2015. I generally play in the NYC area's games - both commercial and non-commercial, theatre-style and boffer (but generally not all combat games), but do make my way up around MA for more of that with different folks. I'm a relatively late addition to the Straightjackets Optional crew.

I'm an "art stuff" hobbyist, and am interested in LARP as an artistc medium, both on the performing and authorial sides. (I'm considering moving more toward the latter and less the former in 2016, or moving away from LARP for a bit. GMing also feels more satisfying than it used to.) To me, "art stuff" is not about talking about or thinking about - it's more "blue collar" than that: It's about doing a ton of work to make a point, sometimes obscure, that maybe nobody would notice or appreciate. So, yes, beauty and truth, but above all that, work, even so-considered "pointless" work.

Barry Tannenbaum

No bio provided

Brady Tatro

No bio provided

Stephen "Stephen" Tihor

Stephen has been a gamer since high school, from strategy games at SPI to Postal Diplomacy and the Slobinpolitz Journal to the dawn of D&D.

He started LARPing at the first Arabian Nights, starting writing a couple of years thereafter, and now also serves on the plot team for a NERO chapter near New Haven as well as part of the team Straightjackets Optional.

Stephen Tihor

No bio provided

Evan Torner

Evan wears a hat.

He is known for Intercon games such as: Metropolis, BloodNet, Uwe Boll's Christmas Special, City of Fire & Coin, and Voyage to Venus – Planet of Death. He also spends considerable time in the Nordic larp community, having had several scenarios in competition at Fastaval and attended several Knudepunkt conventions. His background is in the indie tabletop RPG scene from western MA but, heck, he's now really a larp guy. He helps run Origins Games on Demand and Larps on Demand at GenCon.

Evan's games are usually adaptations of film and literature, often in collaboration with Kat Jones, and inevitably contain absurdist elements or open paeans to questionable genre fiction.

Intercon is the US convention with the best larpers, which is why he keeps coming back. :-)

Cathleen Townsend

No bio provided

Thomas Traina

No bio provided

Warren Tusk

No bio provided

Sarah Tuttle

Sarah is a children's book writer. She likes children's books. And games. And games based on children's books. Hence, Wishing Well .

Jessica Wagner

No bio provided

Karl Wagner

No bio provided

Will Wagner

Stand and Deliver! Will has been writing and running games for Intercon since "A". He is known most especially for his "Grimm Tales" series of games; with each game being based on a different cultural set of fables and being affected by the outcome(s) of the games which ran before. He also ran Void Stalkers, a science fiction campaign, experimenting with using modern technology to enhance the game experience. The Men of Mars is the restart of the Void Stalkers series and campaign. Over the past few years, Will has also started writing games geared toward kids (8-15) and continues this year with Another Flag of Bones, which ties the plots for kids and adults together.

Mark Waks

No bio provided

Paul Wayner

No bio provided

Suzanne Wayner

No bio provided

Susan "Dybbuk" Weiner

Susan has been LARPing for more than half her life and writing LARPs for most of that. With Alleged Entertainment, she has written Last Seder, 10 Bad LARPs in 100 Bad Minutes and quite a variety of things in between. She especially enjoys writing American Freeform games and other games that push the boundaries of our understanding and expectation of LARP. Wow, that got pretentious fast. Writing serious bios is hard.

Robert Wensley

No bio provided

Jeannie Whited

No bio provided

Joseph "joswie" Wiegartner

Joseph Wiegartner has been playing games since the bygone age of 2012. Coming from the RPI LARPing community in Troy NY, he has authored three 4-hour LARPs (The Worst Story Ever Told, Boogieman Nights: A Game of Supernatural Pornography, and The Lord of the Roles: Who Killed Tom Bombadil? Extended Edition) as well as some smaller games and consulting work on the LARPs of others.

Brian Williams

Another year, another Intercon. I think I said that last year... Has anyone kept the programme so that they can check?

However, this year is different.

This year, I've finally shaken off all the hangers on!

This year, after 18 (wow has it really been that long?), yes 18 years of trying, I have finally claimed my rightful status as...


Damn, I was always rubbish at the evil laugh. I knew there was a reason all those other Brits came along. Where's AJ when you need him?

Anyway, in the absence of all the other Brits (who are staying home to run Tombstone), the role of AJ will be played by Jeff Diewald (at least in terms of helping me run "Hello, You Must Be...").

Eric Wirtanen

No bio provided

Thomas Wohlers

No bio provided

Abrihette Yawa

No bio provided

Li-Chi Young

(You know you write LARPs when you've had a time line of events on a team member's wall for an entire season.)

Li-Chi is a member of TSJ, and graduated as a Japanese major; this makes her a translator, and weeaboo by prestige class~

Mike "Buggy" Young

Mike Young has been running larps for over 25 years now. The A Grandiose Disaster system will be (hopefully) available via kickstarter in the summer of 2016.

Katharine Zenke

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Andrew Zorowitz

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